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Trusted by owners and managers of more than 120 companies

Business Basecamp is run by Tangaroa AB, a family business that was founded in 2007 as a consulting company and has for more than 16 years been trusted to help leaders in more than 120 companies and organizations. We work in a structured way by using proven and recognized effective methods for consulting, coaching, strategic business planning, change management and training. Our independence means that we are always on our client's side.

Alongside business, the outdoors has always been a great interest and we have undertaken countless adventures in the wilderness all over the world. We recognized early on what nature brings in terms of health, creativity and the power to build long-term relationships and do sustainable business.

Combining our business and outdoor interests

The trend of outdoor recreation and adventure has grown steadily over the past decades. During the pandemic, active outdoor recreation increased dramatically, mainly due to more leisure time due to domestic work, but also because some other leisure activities could not be carried out. Recent studies show that the new level of outdoor recreation is partly sustained, in part because more people have (re)discovered what nature provides in terms of health, well-being and space for reflection. In other words, good conditions for making good decisions.

Early on, we started thinking about how we could combine our interests in business and outdoor life to better serve our clients and one of our results was Business Basecamp which is a unique mobile conference concept that uses nature to create creative meetings. During the year, we will continue to develop our business so that more companies can achieve their goals with the help of nature.

One percent for nature

As members of the international organization 1% for the Planet, which is an association of companies that understand the importance of nature, we invest 1% of our turnover in various projects for our nature. Read more here.


Lowland walking

Around Stockholm, the four main hiking trails give you more than 2000 kilometers of wilderness within metro distance.

Technology for adventure

If you need to be reached, you can read about communication equipment and technologies that work in places without two holes in the wall and outside mobile and internet coverage here.

Outdoor film

Sometimes you need a movie to inspire your next adventure or just some fun at basecamp.

Ski resorts

Time to plan your winter vacation? Read about ski resorts in Europe, North America and Asia here.


We and our network of experienced and carefully selected specialists and generalists in our own companies make it possible to offer the commitment of the individual consultant but with the combined power of a larger organization.

Photo of Magnus Brink

Magnus Brink

Magnus specializes in consulting, executive coaching and management of strategic change processes at owner, board and management level.

Photo of Magnus Brink

Christel Brink

Christel specializes in helping management teams and clients to ensure that their business ideas achieve the desired impact.

Should we have coffee or go for a walk?

Being a leader can be lonely. A cup of coffee, a walk and someone to talk to can be a start.