Walk & Talk

Executive coaching in nature

Executive coaching is based on a good relationship between a leader and a professional coach. Instead of meeting indoors, we take a walk or even a longer hike.

Together we have a conversation with the aim of developing the leader's self-awareness and ability to achieve their personal goals and thus increase their impact on their team's ability to achieve the desired results.

We work methodically and from a holistic perspective by adding thoughtful questions, inspiration and deep knowledge of leadership. The work begins with a clear description of what is to be achieved in the meetings, which then take place continuously over a predefined period of time.

Our approach suits all leaders, but perhaps especially those who lead change or have a specific problem to solve. It also suits those leaders who want to develop their leadership and/or want to introduce a coaching culture within their organization.

We have been coaching owners, boards of directors and top managers for more than a decade, using a combination of different methods and tools.

Sharpened senses

When we spend time in nature, our brains rest from demanding impressions and we relax. The effect is so significant that it produces medically measurable reductions in heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. At the same time, leaving security and experiencing adventure sharpens all your senses and makes you more sensitive and open to your surroundings and yourself. You see, smell and hear more. Impressions and learnings become bigger and stronger.

A balanced body and brain, combined with open minds, provide opportunities to think outside the box and are optimal conditions for development.

We have good suggestions for places to go, and arrange for drinks and food.

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Meeting and Conference

Conference in a spectacular dome tent for management teams, boards of directors and groups of owners.

Walk & Conference

Walking is combined with, for example, business or operational planning.

Education and training

Ready-made or tailor-made trainings in an outdoor environment such as workshops on leadership and group dynamics mixed with discussions and outdoor activities.

Should we have coffee or go for a walk?

Being a leader can be lonely. A cup of coffee, a walk and someone to talk to can be a start.