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Magnus Brink

Magnus specializes in consulting, executive coaching and management of strategic change processes at owner, board and management level.

Photo of Magnus Brink

Christel Brink

Christel specializes in helping management teams and clients to ensure that their business ideas achieve the desired impact.

Photo of Magnus Brink

Marcus Jansson

As a partner in the venture capital industry, Marcus Jansson has led investments in the engineering, retail and IT sectors for many years. So far, he has a dozen board assignments from the business world. He is also an experienced trainer in leadership and is accredited by Scouternas Folkhögskola.

Marcus also works on the recruitment of board members and other senior executives.

Photo of Magnus Brink

Malin Myrin

Malin Myrin is a Walk and Talk Coach with long experience from leading positions at, for example, Wasa Kredit and the Red Cross where her focus has been on change management, individual development and leadership at a distance.

As an individual coach, she supports leaders at different levels in a systematic and goal-oriented process to strengthen leadership and combines coaching with outdoor physical activity such as walking or jogging.

Photo of Magnus Brink

Henrik Johansson

Henrik Johansson is an experienced educator with over 15 years of experience in education in senior positions.

Among other things, he has been head of education at Nordnet Bank and worked as assistant principal at Adolf Fredrik's Music Classes. Furthermore, he has worked with education at the Stockholm Stock Exchange and as a teacher in several schools.

Henriks specializes in the structured design and development of company-specific training plans and courses.

Photo of Magnus Brink

Marko Rönnholmen

Marko Rönnholmen is a management consultant with extensive experience from working with business development in both large and small companies in various industries.

Marko specializes in providing strategic advice to boards of directors and management teams but also works on projects to develop new business models, deals and financing solutions. He has recently focused on businesses in the sports movement.

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