Education and training

Outdoor leadership training

Business Basecamp offers tailor-made or off the shelf leadership training in an outdoor environment. Workshops on leadership and group dynamics are mixed with discussions and outdoor activities.

Outdoor training and discussions with a small group, with the same interests and challenges as you, will give you energy and new insights in a way that you can never achieve in a "regular" course environment.

Our leaders have extensive outdoor and educational experience and have been working with the concept for many years.

Experiential learning

Our courses and events combine presentations, workshops and nature experiences in a single flow.

We know that engagement, participation and plenty of fresh air are important keys to personal development and learning.

Sharing experiences and discussing is also part of attending Business Basecamp.

Some of our training courses

Leadership training in the Rocky Mountains

Through an unusual experience far away from everyday life and with a strong connection to nature, we increase the effectiveness of your training and give you the opportunity to think in new ways.

New Trails

During one week we hike together one of our favorite trails in the Jämtland mountains. In addition to enjoying nature during the hike, we focus on the entrepreneur's (self-) leadership and work with a number of modern leadership concepts adapted for outdoor use.

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Walk & Talk

During a walk in nature, we develop together the leader's ability to achieve their goals.

Meeting and Conference

Conference in a spectacular dome tent for management teams, boards of directors and groups of owners.

Walk & Conference

Walking is combined with, for example, business or operational planning.

Should we have coffee or go for a walk?

Being a leader can be lonely. A cup of coffee, a walk and someone to talk to can be a start.