Location matters

When we spend time in nature, our brains rest from demanding impressions and we relax. The effect is so significant that it produces medically measurable reductions in heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension.

Sharpening all the senses

At the same time, leaving security and experiencing adventure sharpens all your senses and makes you more sensitive and open to your surroundings and yourself. You see, smell and hear more. Impressions and learnings become bigger and stronger.

Thinking outside the box

A balanced body and brain, combined with open minds, provide opportunities to think outside the box and are optimal conditions for the development of your people and your business.

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Meeting locations far away from everyday life

Our meeting locations are fully equipped for creative work and adventure anywhere in nature and the world exclusively for one group at a time.

Comfort in any wilderness

Our spectacular tents create relative comfort in the wilds of Stockholm and around the world, but we also offer wilderness cabins or mountain hotels for indoor conferences in front of a crackling fireplace with stunning views.

All over the world

We take you high into the mountains, far into the wilderness and always far away from everyday life. We work with arrangements in Stockholm, Sweden, Europe, North America and Japan.

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Our clients comment

We have been trusted to help owners and managers in more than 120 companies and other organizations.

"Many thanks for very good VP days! Good arrangement, nice environment and good hospitality."

"Thank you very much for three very rewarding and challenging days."

"Professionally organized and good all round."

"An incredibly good arrangement."

"Stimulating, perspective-changing and fun days"

"Wow what days, thank you so much for that trip!"

Our offer

Walk & Talk

During a walk in nature, we develop together the leader's ability to achieve their goals.

Meeting and Conference

Conference in a spectacular dome tent for management teams, boards of directors and groups of owners.

Walk & Conference

Walking is combined with, for example, business or operational planning.

Education and training

Ready-made or tailor-made trainings in an outdoor environment such as workshops on leadership and group dynamics mixed with discussions and outdoor activities.

Much for many

Time flies when you're having fun. Movement, adventure and nature give us and our clients new insights.

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Should we have coffee or go for a walk?

Being a leader can be lonely. A cup of coffee, a walk and someone to talk to can be a start.