Meeting and Conference

Arrangements that suit your needs

Each Business Basecamp meeting is unique and is designed in close cooperation with our clients. We offer everything from one-day conferences near Stockholm to multi-day exercises in the mountains or in the wilderness.

We have guided many groups in nature and have visited many beautiful places near Stockholm, around Sweden and around the world. This means that we have a long list of suggestions for places, ways to get there and exciting activities.

Together with our clients, we find the location and activities that suit your group.

If you don't want to be that extreme, there is plenty of urban wilderness. Even within metro distance.

We have access to hammocks, tents, wilderness cabins or mountain hotels for conferences in front of a crackling fire and with breathtaking views all over the world.

There are great opportunities for team-building activities during your conference.

There are so many places that provide new views of the business in a better way than a regular conference room. Read more about our locations here.

Conference room in the open air

We offer conference tents for management teams, boards of directors and owner groups. Our spectacular dome tent, which can be set up in several different ways, is suitable for most people.

All our tents are equipped with a movie screen, projector and two flipcharts that also serve as whiteboards.

Coffee, tea, water and office supplies are always available on a side table.

As an option, we offer modern communication equipment to, for example, connect participants by video or live stream meetings.

Some of our tents are self-supporting, which means they can be pitched virtually anywhere, even on a flat stone slab in the archipelago. The tents are made to be used in the world's most extreme wilderness environments and can withstand high winds, rain and even snow.

Around the tents are windows and openings to let in sunlight and fresh air.

Food and drink

We organize all food and base it on the best possible ingredients. As far as possible, we choose organic, Krav- and fair trade products.

We have several ready-made menus with accompanying drinks and our chefs have a lot of experience in cooking outdoors.

A nice end to the day is our after work at the campfire with bubbles and then joint cooking and dinner. The cooking becomes an experience in itself when everyone gathers and helps each other.

During the conference, bowls of fruit and sweets are always available. We also provide world-class fika. Vegetarian, vegan and non-alcoholic options are available for those who wish.

Download our menu for 2024 here.

How long has it been since you slept in a tent?

It's a special feeling to lie down and hear the wind in the canvas, the crackling of branches and the waves hitting the shore. Many people never sleep as well as in a tent after a day's work.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art, high quality and normally used to create comfortable conditions in the world's most extreme wilderness environments. You're guaranteed to be more comfortable than you were during your military service or at scout camp.

Our overnight tents are American-style, which means they are standing height and are larger and more spacious than the tents normally seen in Europe.

Each berth offers a tent bed, a warm sleeping bag with a freshly laundered sleeping bag sheet, a comfortable pillow and an extra blanket. There is also space in the tent for hanging or storing clothes. There is an evening and morning toilet with a sink and soap next to our biological toilet. Our portable wilderness shower gives you the opportunity to take a shower if you do not prefer to take a dip. At some events, we offer access to an indoor toilet and shower.

We provide one large and one small towel per participant. Read about personal clothing and equipment list below.

Conference table setting

Our tents can be set up in different ways.

For a management team or a negotiation, the best place to sit is in a boardroom style.

tent size

Equipment list

Unlike traditional conference facilities, our guests need to adapt to nature rather than the other way around. Therefore, the old adage 'dress for the weather' applies. However, as we will be outdoors for an extended period of time, it is necessary to bring warmer clothes than one might normally think of as even a hot summer day can become cold towards the evening. It is easier to take off a garment than to put on something you don't have with you.

Therefore, consider the lists below as a requirement.

Day conference

  • Sturdy clothing
  • Sturdy shoes, boots or sturdy trainers
  • Warm sweater/lined jacket
  • Rainwear
  • Cap
  • Vantar

Conference with overnight stays in tents

When staying in a tent, we provide a warm sleeping bag with sleeping bag sheets, pillow, fleece blanket, soap and shampoo.

The requirement for your own equipment is the same as for day conferences, but increases with:

  • A wool or synthetic base layer to sleep in
  • Hat to sleep in
  • Vantar
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Toilet equipment
  • Possibly swimwear
  • Personal medications¬†
  • Any other change of clothes

If you are bringing electronics such as a laptop or phone, it is a good idea to pack these in a waterproof way. In general, it's a good idea to keep your clothes waterproof as well. Preferably pack in a backpack.

Download and print our equipment list with clothing tips here.

Frequently asked questions - Tent conference

How do you go to the toilet during the conference?

Our combined toilet and shower tent has a biological toilet that works perfectly well. For some events we also have access to indoor toilets.

What clothes should I bring with me?

Sturdy shoes, Sturdy clothes and warmer clothes for the evening. You can find a list of clothing and equipment above.

How do you wash yourself?

We always have access to water and soap in the sink and hand sanitizer. When staying overnight, we also offer a portable shower for those who want it. We always try to locate our facility next to a lake or the sea, so you can also take a dip. At some events there is also access to an indoor shower.

My company has booked a multi-day conference. Do I have to stay overnight?

Of course, we don't force anyone to sleep over. However, we would argue that you would be missing out on an essential part of the experience. It's a special feeling to lie down and hear the wind in the canvas, cracking branches, hooting owls and waves hitting the shore. Many people never sleep as well as in a tent after a day's work.

Is there heating in the tents?

No. You can regulate the temperature yourself by putting on more clothes if the meeting discussions don't keep you warm enough. Read more about our clothing tips here.

How warm are your sleeping bags?

For the night, we offer sleeping bags from Haglöfs or Urberg with an extra blanket for those who are more cold. The sleeping bags are adapted to provide warmth and comfort during spring, summer and fall. Our sleeping bags are fresh for every occasion and all sleeping bags have freshly washed sleeping bag sheets. If you have your own sleeping bag that you are used to, you are of course welcome to bring it.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Changing weather is part of nature. Our equipment is normally used to provide comfort in the world's most extreme wilderness environments and can withstand high winds, heavy rain and even snow. Bad weather can therefore even further raise the mood of the group. Bringing rain gear makes staying outside the tents more comfortable.

Is there always mobile coverage?

Mobile phone coverage is improving in Sweden. Where there is no mobile coverage, we provide satellite-based communication for incoming and outgoing telephone calls. Our equipment also offers internet access via satellite, but with very limited speed. Outgoing calls and data traffic via satellite are charged according to the current price list.

Can I really show pictures and charge my phone or PC in the forest?

The Business Basecamp receives 230 volts of electricity from solar panels and a modern high-capacity battery, providing safe power for our PC projector, computers and other electronics. We also have a couple of smaller high-capacity batteries with adapters that can be used to charge cell phones in an emergency.

Can we connect participants via Skype/Teams?

Depending on the location and structure, we can also offer modern communication equipment that enables participants to connect via Skype or Teams. We also have equipment to livestream your meeting. Contact us for more information and price list here.

Do you have any other questions?

Choice of clothing

If you are outside for a whole day or longer, it is good to help your body regulate its temperature by paying extra attention to how you dress.

Avoid cotton clothing as much as possible. Cotton absorbs moisture from both inside and outside. Synthetic, cotton and synthetic blend or thin wool clothing is therefore preferable.

The multi-layer principle works well even in summer. If you wear several thin layers of synthetic or wool clothing, moisture is more easily transported between the layers and both warms and cools the body better. It is also easier to regulate body temperature by putting on or taking off one layer at a time.

If you have sneakers or lighter shoes, it is a good idea to bring extra socks as the grass may be wet from rain or dew.

The head acts as the body's chimney, so having something to put on your head is essential for keeping warm when you are cold, especially in the evening and when sleeping in a tent.

We are happy to answer questions about clothing or other equipment. No question is stupid or too small. It's all about your comfort.

You can find our contact details here.

Download and print our equipment list with clothing tips here.


For us at Business Basecamp, safety is an important issue and we are careful to adapt the choice of location and any activities to the needs of all participants.

  • We are certified by the NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute in first aid and CPR.
  • We always have an ambitious and well-stocked first aid kit with us.
  • We always review our safety procedures with all participants at the beginning of each exercise.
  • We always have fire safety equipment with us and carefully review evacuation and assembly points in case of fire.
  • We always carry satellite-based communication equipment which works even when there is no cellular coverage. This allows us to always reach the emergency services or make other necessary contacts.
  • All visitors to the Business Basecamp are covered by accident insurance.

Program -
Example for 2 days

Day 1


Walking/ hiking/ skiing/ canoeing to the chosen location.


Meet at the Business Basecamp and start with coffee and sandwiches.


Morning session

Water, coffee and tea are available in the tent during the morning exercise.


Wilderness lunch


Afternoon session

Water, fruit and/or candy bowls will be provided in the tent throughout the afternoon exercise.


Favorite coffee - Coffee with buns, cakes or pastries


Closing - After work at the campfire


Joint cooking and dinner



Day 2


Breakfast with a view


Morning session

Water, fruit and/or candy bowls will be provided in the tent throughout the afternoon exercise.


Wilderness lunch


Afternoon session

Water, fruit and/or candy bowls will be provided in the tent throughout the afternoon exercise.


Closing with coffee and sandwiches


Walking/ hiking/ skiing/ paddling home

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Walk & Talk

During a walk in nature, we develop together the leader's ability to achieve their goals.

Walk & Conference

Walking is combined with, for example, business or operational planning.

Education and training

Ready-made or tailor-made trainings in an outdoor environment such as workshops on leadership and group dynamics mixed with discussions and outdoor activities.

Should we have coffee or go for a walk?

Being a leader can be lonely. A cup of coffee, a walk and someone to talk to can be a start.