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Business Basecamp New Trails

We bring together entrepreneurs and leaders to reflect and discuss in a relaxed setting how we can deliver more value to our customers and ourselves.

During one week we hike together one of our favorite trails in Jämtlandsfjällen. In addition to enjoying nature during the hike, we focus on the entrepreneur's (self-)leadership and work with a number of modern leadership concepts adapted for outdoor use.

From our week in the mountains together, you will gain behavioral and leadership skills that you can immediately apply to your work and become a more effective leader of yourself and your company.

There are no requirements for previous experience of mountain hiking, but a decent physique is good to have. You bring your own personal equipment. We arrange for tents, food and kitchen equipment. We live in two-man tents and hike 10-15 kilometers every day.

In addition to training and program management, the arrangement includes all meals, coffee, drinks and accommodation in two-man tents. Travel by train or plane to Östersund you book yourself, but we provide the transportation from the airport in Jämtland and back.

Frequently asked questions

How do we travel?

You book your own journey and choose between, for example, night trains or flights. Transfer between Östersund and the start and finish of our hike is included in the price. Please wait to book your trip until we have confirmed your registration.

What does the training include?

This course focuses on the (self-)leadership of the entrepreneur, with exercises and discussions on leadership or management, group dynamics, feedback and personality types.

Outdoor training and discussions with a small group, with the same interests and challenges as you, will energize you and give you new insights in a way that can never be achieved in a regular course environment.

Our leaders have extensive outdoor and educational experience and have been working with the concept for many years.

What is the weather like in the mountains?

The weather in the mountains is variable from year to year and can change in a very short time. During our years in the area during the summer season, we have experienced everything from +25 degrees and sunshine to snowfall and minus degrees with a change in just a few hours. So you should bring clothes and equipment that can withstand all this.

You can find a list of clothing and equipment here.

What if I am missing some of the equipment on the equipment list?

If you don't want to invest in new equipment, you can try to borrow what you don't have. There is also a large market for second-hand equipment on sites such as Tradera or Blocket. If you are faced with a choice, a well-worn pair of boots will be your best friends for many years.

Feel free to contact us if you need advice on equipment.

Is there heating in the tents?

No. You can regulate the temperature yourself by putting on more clothes if the meeting discussions don't keep you warm enough. Read more about our clothing tips here.

What will we eat?

When hiking in the mountains, it is a constant challenge to balance the weight of your pack with the availability of a varied menu. Our experience is that you definitely want to keep the weight down and therefore use freeze-dried food as much as possible. However, we do our best to find alternatives and spice up the freeze-dried food in different ways. Notification of special diets must be made well in advance.

Are there many mosquitoes?

By the end of the summer, the mosquito season is usually over, but mosquitoes may still be present in short stretches of mountain forest. Bring mosquito repellent and you won't have any problems. The tents we use are completely mosquito-proof.

How much do I need to carry? Am I fit enough?

Of course, it all depends on how much you take with you. Avoid all the 'must haves' and you'll save a lot of weight.

Also, keep in mind that any shared equipment such as tents, kitchens, fuel and food must also be carried, so expect to add a couple of kilos on top of your own equipment.

Normal fitness and strength will go a long way. However, hiking will be more enjoyable if you take a few extra training sessions before we leave. Why not try hiking with a full backpack on one of the hiking trails around Stockholm.

Is there always mobile coverage?

Mobile phone coverage is improving in Sweden, even in the mountains. In cases where there is no mobile coverage, we have satellite-based communication equipment to make contacts in case of an emergency.

An extra battery for your phone, or a power pack, can charge your phone and other electronics when there is no access to electricity.

Where do I go if I have more questions?

Get in touch with Magnus or Christel. Contact details can be found here.

Do you have any other questions?

Choice of clothing

If you are outside for a whole day or longer, it is good to help your body regulate its temperature by paying extra attention to how you dress.

Avoid cotton clothing as much as possible. Cotton absorbs moisture from both inside and outside. Synthetic, cotton and synthetic blend or thin wool clothing is therefore preferable.

The multi-layer principle works well even in summer. If you wear several thin layers of synthetic or wool clothing, moisture is more easily transported between the layers and both warms and cools the body better. It is also easier to regulate body temperature by putting on or taking off one layer at a time.

If you have sneakers or lighter shoes, it is a good idea to bring extra socks as the grass may be wet from rain or dew.

The head acts as the body's chimney, so having something to put on your head is essential for keeping warm when you are cold, especially in the evening and when sleeping in a tent.

We are happy to answer questions about clothing or other equipment. No question is stupid or too small. It's all about your comfort.

You can find our contact details here.

Download and print our equipment list with clothing tips here.


For those of us working with Business Basecamp safety is an important issue and we are careful to adapt the choice of location and any activities to the conditions of all participants.

  • We are certified by the NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute in first aid and CPR.
  • We always have an ambitious and well-stocked first aid kit with us.
  • We always review our safety procedures with all participants at the beginning of each exercise.
  • We always have fire safety equipment with us and carefully review evacuation and assembly points in case of fire.
  • We always carry satellite-based communication equipment which works even when there is no cellular coverage. This allows us to always reach the emergency services or make other necessary contacts.
  • All visitors to the Business Basecamp™ are covered by accident insurance.

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